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Black Velvet Hair Co. announced the availability of their new Cambodian Hair Extensions, Grey Hair, and 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extensions Products, Closures, Wigs, Clip-ins, and Bulk hair beginning April 22, 2015.


Hollywood, United States 

Customers looking for the best 100% Remy Indian Human Hair can now purchase New Virgin Remy Cambodian Hair Extensions, Grey Hair Extensions, and Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extensions in Hair Closures, Wigs, Clip-ins, and Bulk Hair.

100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extensions, Virgin Cambodian Hair Weave, and Gray Hair from Black Velvet Hair is designed to appeal specifically to Beauty consumers and wholesalers looking for the best human hair extensions experience and quality available on the market.

Black Velvet Virgin Indian Hair and Cambodian Hair is never processed with chemicals or damaged through any processing, making the hair capable of lasting for years!

Black Velvet’s Virgin Indian and Cambodian Hair comes straight from the Indian Temples and Cambodia. –The company’s owners fly directly to India and Cambodia to get the hair direct from the source. There is no middle man in this hair buying process. The hair is pure and delivered to customers washed and ready to style and wear.

Nisa Anderson, Beauty expert and Celebrity Hair Stylist of Black Velvet Hair Co., Salon and BVH Glam Squad , when asked about 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extensions and Virgin Cambodian Hair Weave said:

“A woman’s hair is her glory!” In today’s world, a woman is identified and defined by her hair. The same has been true for centuries, as the Egyptians were the first to use extensions by tying strands of gold into their hair. The elevation of a woman’s status by the quality of her hair is motivating to loyal customers and inspires to BVH to provide the finest and most luxurious hair in today’s world wide marketplace.

At Black Velvet Hair Co., only the most exquisite 100% virgin human hair is used to ensure the look and feel and radiate elegance.”

Showrooms are conveniently located in Downtown Los Angles and North Hollywood, offering complimentary wine. Hair can also be delivered to clients and or stylist before hair appointments!

Indian Remy Hair by Black Velvet Hair is 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair, thus it contains No fillers, synthetic fibers or chemical alterations, and no silicone coating process involved in delivering the best. It is unprocessed, clean, fresh and natural. Cuticles go in the same direction, from root to end, making it Remy Hair! It is sewn onto the weft the same direction with a 3 headed sewing machine offering Less tangling and shedding, allowing the hair to last over 12 months and still remain manageable, lustrous and strong.

Learn the truth about Brazilian Hair and why BVH does not sell it! Education available.

Black Velvet Hair Co., Provider of Raw Virgin Indian Remy Hair introduces a New Line of Virgin Cambodian Hair, Grey Hair, and Virgin Indian Hair Products to the market place!

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